Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do you need to be on Google+? Well, maybe............

Google+ is the latest Social Media service to enter the fray, and it is a major player in the field, with at least one analyst saying it could hit 400 million users by the end of the year.

So, the first question: what the heck is Google+?

It is, of course, a social network, sponsored by Google.  It's key features:

  • Circles: You can put all of your friends & contacts into different circles, then use those circles to determine what information to share and with who.
  • Integration with Google: If you use any number of Google services, like GMail or Google Reader, you can easily integrate them with your Google+ account.
  • Hangouts:  You can have a video chat with two or more contacts on Google+.
  • Droid Integration:  Droid phones are now being seemlessly integrated with Google+ - this is a very big deal for mobile addicts (like myself).
Currently, about fifty million people are on Google plus, with massive increases believe by many to be coming.

The biggest downfall to being on Google plus?  As far as I'm concerned, it's time fatigue, as this video below perfectly demonstrates.  

So many business people are already stretched to the limit when it comes to their time - how on earth are they supposed to handle yet another Social Network when they can barely manage the ones they already have?

The answer may be as simple as: well, you don't really have a choice.  Google+ isn't really mainstream...not yet...and it's membership is still well short of Facebook (over 750 million), Twitter (over 200 million) and LinkedIn (over 100 million).

Still, we've seen these numbers change before.  MySpace was once the kind of the Social Media heap...and now it is in the trash-bin for the majority of people.

Look out world, here comes Google+!

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