Friday, January 20, 2012

Growing Your Small Business in 2012 - Reinvent Yourself

Hello everyone!  Another day, another guest blog entry, again from Carol Ritter of Carol Talks.

I recently walked into Starbucks for my usual, a small cup of coffee.  I walked  toward the gal who would take my order.  Wasn’t paying much attention then I looked up and I saw “YELLOW”.  It was so obvious it made me curious, so instead of ordering my coffee I went to see what the “YELLOW” was all about.  It was the new Starbucks Blonde campaign, blonde coffee, blonde travel mugs, blonde ceramic mugs and new blonde packaging.  What a great idea!  When we walk into Starbucks we generally see green and during the holidays we see red.  As customers we are used to the consistent brand Starbucks offers.  But we are not used to “BLONDE” and “YELLOW” it’s not the normal color you see when you stop in for your cup of Joe.

Reinventing yourself is as critical as creating a sense of urgency for your business.  Consumers get tired of the ‘same old same old’ real quick.  It doesn’t matter if you are a dentist, an auto repair business or whether you are a small bank, you can and must reinvent yourself a minimum of once a year.

6 Basic Reinvent Yourself Ideas for Any Business- Give-em a HOOK

  • A Dentist can - take his or her practice on the road - network & sponsor events
  • Auto Repair can begin- BIG Inspection Thursdays - $10 off if you bring car in on Thursday or give away free lunch to first appointment of the day
  • A Bank can start Charity months, pick a charity each month and match what your customers donate
  • Restaurants - Mad Mondays - Create a Monday menu with meals you don’t usually carry
  • Printing - offer free business cards for every new customer on Fridays
  • Any business can partner with another like business, if you buy from me get a coupon to shop with a partner biz

Who would have thought that “YELLOW” could be so prominent and create so much curiosity.  My guess is that the coffee is the same, the travel mug style has been sold before but now that’s it’s the ‘blonde’ campaign and packaged so uniquely; it’s new and exciting.  Maybe you could take your business “BLONDE”; I heard it’s more fun!!


Bob Friedman said...

Good morning Carol,

What a great eay to start my Monday morning, the new-year, and a new marketing plan...thanks for the motivation and visual to make it even better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words. Now it's time to try that Blonde coffee, have a great Tuesday

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