Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What comes next in the Republican race for President

The Florida Primary is being held as I type this; if polls are any indication, Mitt Romney is expected to cruise to an easy win.  However, the race won't end after tonight, no matter what happens.  So, what comes next in the race for the Republican nomination?

  • On February 4, Nevada is holding their Presidential caucuses.  Given its proximity to Utah and high Mormon population, Mitt Romney is expected to win, though Ron Paul's campaign has shown a high degree of organizational prowess in caucus states.  
  • Next up is the Maine caucuses, to be held on February 4 - February 11.
  • On February 7, three caucuses are held:  Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota.
  • February 28 sees the next two primaries held - Arizona and Michigan.  As the son of the former Governor, Romney is the likely favorite in Michigan.
  • On March 3, Washington State holds their Caucuses.
  • March 6 is the big day: Super Tuesday.  Primaries will be held in Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia & Vermont, with caucuses held in Alaska, Idaho and North Dakota.
How about the never-ending series of Republican debates?
  • Believe it or not, there are no debates for three weeks.  The next debate is February 22, in Arizona, sponsored by CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona.
  • The next debate is before Super Tuesday on March 1, in Georgia, sponsored by CNN and the Georgia Republican party.  
But, here is the real question - will the primaries go this long?  What do you think?


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