Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Five apps you need now for your business

I'll admit it: I'm an iPhone addict.  I'm an App addict as well.  For me, at least, Apps come down to more than Angry Birds - they are useful features that aren't just add-ons to your phone, but add-ons to your life (if used properly).  As a business person, you are constantly on the go - and that's why Apps can be so effective.

Here are five Apps that businesses need to get and use, right now:

1.  TurboScan:  This App, working for your iPhone or iPad, will scan a document and then allow you to store or E-mail them.  It's incredibly sharp and can save lots of time - and paper.  If you are trying to be as paper-free as possible, this is the right App to get.

2.  Dragon Dictation:  This App is as simple as it is effective.  You start the App and speak into it.  It will write down whatever you say, and then allow you to E-mail your dictation to anyone.  Perfect if you are on the go and need to remember something.  Even better - its free!

3.  WorldCard Mobile:  This App is a business card scanner.  It will scan a business card, then input the card into your contacts automatically.  Very convenient!  The only problem is its cost - at $6.99, this one is more expensive than your standard App.

4.  Receipt Catcher:  Receipts are annoying to track - you keep them in your wallet, they get lost, etc.  With receipt catcher, you can input receipts and sort them by amount, date, vendor, etc.  You can also take a picture of them so you never have to worry about tracking an actual receipt.

5.  Currency Converter:  One of the biggest hassles about going to an area that doesn't use the dollar is the currency conversion...and trying to keep track of constantly shifting currency is not necessarily an easy task!  Currency converter does all the work for you and allows you to adjust rates to what you are being charged.  Best of all - this one is free for iPhone, Android or Blackberry.

Those are our thoughts - but what are yours?  What Apps do you use for your business that you cannot imagine living without?  Let us know in the comments!


Danny4g said...

Receipt Catcher has a built in currency convertor

Anonymous said...

not sure about the "need" to have for business.

Will they bring in new customers?

Danny4g said...

its not about bringing new customers, it is about being organised and making tasks simple for yourself so that you can concentrate on other things.

Anonymous said...

I'm a small business owner, chamber member and I just need more customers... everything is about new customers!