Monday, February 27, 2012

What the heck is Pintrest

Ahh, Social Media.  Just when you think you finally have a handle on what it is, it throws you for another loop by introducing yet another service.  In this case, we're talking about the newest entry to the Social Media world, Pinterest.  If you're on Facebook or pay attention to this stuff at all, you've probably seen posts from Pinterest starting to invade your newsfeed.  They are usually pictures (I keep seeing pictures of food, which is making it very difficult to not want to eat, but that's an entirely different story) since that's the main thrust of Pinterest.

So, just what is Pinterest?  In a nutshell, Pinterest describes itself as a virtual pinboard.  Users collect photos and link to products and other pictures that they like via their own virtual pinboard.  Clearly, this is one of the biggest differences between Pinterest and other Social Media platforms: it is almost entirely visual, putting it in the realm of networks like YouTube and Flickr.

Like other networks, Pinterest users can comment on photos and interact with each other.  Pinterest also seems to be more brand heavy than other networks, with people frequently interacting with big companies.  Indeed, Pinterest has been a huge boon to brands and networks that are on it - Pinterest is actually generating more traffic to websites that YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined.  That's really impressive.

It's growth has been extremely fast as well.  Pinterest has over ten million registered users and over ten million unique monthly visitors - a faster growth rate than any other independent website ever.  

Is Pinterest here to stay?  That remains to be seen.  Can you make money off of it as a small business owner?  You bet.  How?  Intern Mauri will discuss that one tomorrow.

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