Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What on earth is a Cash Mob?

Okay.  I'll be honest - I'd never heard of a Cash Mob before having a long conversation with Intern Mauri, who is clearly much more hip than I am.  Anyway, Cash Mobs are a new crazy that are sweeping the country.  Rather than explain myself, I'll let Intern Mauri get into the details of what a Cash Mob is - and how you might be able to use it to make more $$.

Cash mobs become latest social trend

We've all heard of flash mobs: those assemblages of people who gather together in a public place and suddenly burst into dance and/or song. Flash mobs are organized via social media sites like Facebook, and while they originally had no specific purpose, some really smart organizations have used them recently as a low cost marketing tool.

Now a new related trend is coming on the rise in the form of "cash mobs." Cash mobs urge customers to shop at local business establishments. Like flash mobs, cash mobs are organized via social media. These cash mobs are typically organized with permission from small business owners in order to allow these local businesses to prepare for an unusual onslaught of customers.

This Wordpress article offers advice on how to start a cash mob. Thus far, cash mobs have been reported in cities such as Cleveland,  Toledo, Kansas City, and Richmond. Our neighbors to the north in Scranton also took advantage of Presidents Day by launching a Cash Mob on a local pizza parlor.

Hopefully this trend will come to the Lehigh Valley soon. We have a lot of great local businesses to support!

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