Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five Social Media management considerations for your business

I was drawing up a Social Media plan for a Chamber member the other day; as you can imagine, each plan is different, but this particular organization had many questions on the management of their Social Media outlets.  They had many questions along these lines, and they were all very good questions that showed that the business was really giving a lot of thought to their Social Media planning process.  Below are the five considerations I shared with them in terms of Social Media management:

1.  Who will manage?  If the answer is "an intern," try again.  The person managing your Social Media must be a professional and must know how to properly operate Social Media and integrate your companies marketing message.

2.  What sort of professional development does that person need?  You would never hire someone for marketing that wasn't trained in the field; the same applies to Social Media.  That's not to say that you need someone who has formal training - you don't - but you must make sure that the person has the knowledge (classes, skill set, technical know-how, etc) and resources (computer, reliable internet connection, program like Hootsuite if necessary) to be succcessful.

3.  How much time does that person have?  Most small business cannot afford someone to do nothing but Social Media - indeed, at The Chamber, I wear many hats - just one of them is Social Media.  As such, you have to determine about how much time someone will have, on a daily/weekly basis, to update your Social Media.  From there, you can determine how in-depth of a plan you will be able to execute.

4.  How will critical comments be handled?  Trust me when I say that it's better to develop a strategy for handling critical/insulting comments ahead of time, rather than when a comment comes in - you may get angry and flustered, and that cna lead to a less than ideal response.  Know how to handle critical comments ahead of time!

5.  How often will performance be evaluated?  Since Social Media is so new, some companies fail to properly supervise or evaluate the execution of their Social Media plan.  Don't fall into that trap.  Just like any other facet of your business, Social Media requires constant supervision and tweaking if your plan is to be successful.

Those are some of my thoughts - what are yours?  Let us know in the comments!

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Frank said...

This is a good post. I especially like the comment about using an intern. You would never send an intern to testify for your business in front of the city council or to deal with your best customers yet way too many organizations trust their public presence to an unseasoned staffer.