Friday, July 20, 2012

Membership of the Penn State Board of Trustee's

In the wake of the Sandusky scandal and related cover-up, the Penn State Board of Trustees has come under increasing scrutiny.  The Freeh report blasted the Board, noting that the Board had not been forceful enough to stop Sandusky and blamed their "secrecy and lack of action" for allowing the crimes to continue.  Just today, word came that Stephen Garban, the former Chair of the Board, had resigned his position as a result of the crimes.

The scandal has brought new focus to a rarely examined governing board and serves as a word of caution to anyone charged with corporate or non-profit governance.  But, many questions remain about the actual Board of Trustees, what they do, and who they are.  Here are some answers:


  • Selection of a University President.
  • Selection of major university goals.
  • Review and approval of annual budget, including tuition hikes.
  • Keeping the residents of the Commonwealth informed of the status of the University and its role in terms of educating Pennsylvanians.  
  • Maintaining and development of relationships between PSU and key stakeholders in the Commonwealth and the United States.
  • Day to day management of the University is delegated to the President of PSU, with the Board still having power to make recommendations.  


  • Five trustees ex-officio members, including:
    • The President of the University
    • Governor of the Commonwealth
    • Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture
    • Pennsylvania Secretary of Education
    • Pennsylvania Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources. 
  • Six trustees  appointed by the Governor
  • Nine trustees are elected by the alumni
  • Six trustees are elected by organized agricultural societies within Pennsylvania
  • Six trustees are elected by the Board of Trustees from the business and industry endeavors


Lee Finn said...

Think the board should resign? Sign the petition !

Lee Finn said...

Think the Board should resign? Sign the petition!