Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Blog Entry:

Today's Guest Blog Entry comes from the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Cooridor.  The entry largely discusses their upcoming marathon, but makes some very instructive points about how they are making history work for them.  How can you make your business work for you in terms of making your products and services apply to the needs of the general public?

There are many ways to experience the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon/Half Marathon—with or without running shoes!

As a non-profit organization, the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor is always looking to avenues to make history come alive!  With the completion of 10+ miles of trail in 2011, we wanted to build awareness of this beautiful amenity, the D&L Trail.  What did we come up with?  We decided to challenge our residents and visitors to two races; the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon and Half Marathon.  On Sunday November 4th we will once again challenge runners to “Get their Tail on the Trail” for the second annual Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon/Half Marathon

This USATF certified course turns the D&L Towpath Trail and the Rails-to-Trails into fast running tracks.  Run mostly on trails: the D&L, Nor-Bath, Slate Heritage, Bobolink (aka Heritage Heartbreak Hill) and the LNE—this race stands alone its uniqueness.  The course weaves along the cool rushing water of the Lehigh River passing historic remnants and wonderful communities as it makes its way to the finish line in the spectacular Lehigh Gap Nature Preserve.  Marathon runners have one steep hill, Heritage Heartbreak Hill, but once conquered, the view is spectacular!
The inaugural event sold out weeks before race day with 525 registrations.  Thirteen states were represented and runners had the time of their life.  Many runners sprinted past their personal record! Comments such as  “…a well-run event”, “…great race”, “overall a big thumbs up”, “loved the scenery”, and, “I’ll be back” were running freely.

History doesn’t need to be boring; it can be fun and adventurous.  See for yourselves; you don’t need to be a marathon runner to enjoy the D&L Trail.  Walk, bike, run or jog the beautiful trails which will eventually span from Wilkes-Barre to Bristol.  Along the way, marvel at the historic architecture and sites that have been restored.  Imagine living in a time when the Delaware and Lehigh Canals were the most revolutionary transportation system which fueled the American Industrial Revolution.

We are working hard to make history come alive--join us and start your own memories today!  For additional information how you can register or support the Delaware & Lehigh Heritage Marathon/Half Marathon visit our website at  


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