Monday, August 27, 2012

The (revised) schedule for the GOP Convention

As you are probably aware, this is the week for the Republican National Committee to hold their convention in Tampa.  The convention is set to nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for President & VP, and will feature speakers throughout the week praising Romney/Ryan and bashing President Obama.

Of course, the schedule has now been thrown for a loop.  Hurricane Issac is bearing down on the Gulf Coast and is expected to at least sideswap Tampa.  As a result, Monday's previously scheduled convention activities have been cancelled.  There is now even talk that the entire convention could be cancelled, even if the hurricane doesn't damage Tampa too significantly.

Regardless, for now, the show goes on.  Here is an abbreviated look at what happens on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the GOP convention:

  • Tuesday:  Remarks by RNC Chairman Rance Priebus, Republican Senate  candidates, former Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH), Governors Kasich (OH), Fallin (OK), McDonnell (VA), Walker (WI), Sandoval (NV), Haley (SC), Ann Romney, keynote by Governor Chris Christie (NJ) and formal nominations of Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan.  
  • Wednesday:  Ron Paul video, remarks by Senators Paul (KY), McCain (AZ), Thune (SD), Portman (OH), Governors Pawlenty (MN), Jindal (LA, though this has to be tentative given the hurricane), Martinez (NM), Mike Huckabee and acceptance of VP nomination by Rep. Paul Ryan.
  • Thursday:  Remarks by Senator Marco Rubio, introducing Mitt Romney, who will then accept the Presidential nomination.

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