Friday, October 19, 2012

Allentown Chamber of Commerce - Letter from the President

This article appeared in our October print issue of Connections, written by Bob Buck.
Bob Buck, Buckno, Lisicky & Company
Allentown Chamber President
610-821-8580 •

If you haven’t visited Allentown’s neighborhoods recently, I encourage you take a walk or drive around town.  It is certainly becoming an increasingly more charming place to live and work.

The gateway to our City from the North - 7th Street - has been undergoing a remarkable transformation the past few years. Massive fa├žade improvements to the retail shops, through design and grant assistance, has made a tremendously positive improvement to the aesthetics of this vital neighborhood.

The Old Allentown area, roughly between Linden and Liberty and 8th to 12th, has completed a beautiful streetscape project. Attractive “old fashioned” street signs, posts, trash   receptacles and other improvements rival any that I have seen in their design and beauty.

The “Heart of the City” area  surrounding Sacred Heart Hospital, Sacred Heart School and Parish, and Central Catholic High School also saw major infrastructure improvements earlier this year.  New curbing, turn-in lanes, sidewalks, light posts and banners all help to highlight the hidden gem that is this part of our great city.

In addition, the numerous new attractive solar trash compactors throughout the city appear to have already made a marked impact on the cleanliness and overall condition of the city through awareness and ease of use.

We also expect to shortly see progress on Phase One of the West End Theatre District infrastructure improvement project.  This will also   include more curbing, sidewalk, lighting and other enhancements.

These much-needed physical improvements to our infrastructure and is a great start to making our city great again.  Ultimately it is up to the dedication of the residents and private businesses to complete Allentown’s transformation.

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