Friday, November 16, 2012

Growing Your Business in 2012 - Lamb Stew

Today's guest blog is from Carol Ritter, of

Have you ever walked into an establishment, event or organization and been IGNORED? Why do people like this go into business, or why do they hire folks who have no intention or ability to see that a welcoming environment is not only necessary but a vital part of building reputation?  Why do we always remember when someone treated  me badly? I worked in Bristol, Rhode Island last week, a beautiful town where you can barely turn the corner without a hello or a smile. I would definitely call it a friendly town. In my free time I decided to visit a working farm, mirroring the 1700’s. When you entered the farm, in the near distance was a butchering class, you could smell the wood burning stove and a women dressed in 18th century garb greeted us. She said it’s basically a self guided walking tour feel free to visit the activities, she was very welcoming. So, I decided to visit the house first, two women were preparing lamb stew and the third gal was just watching. As I entered one girl said before she said hello, “You cant’ go to the butchering area those people paid to see it” (first negative response). The three women were talking to each other and completely ignoring us, on top of that the conversation was not about the farm but about some mutual friend. The sweet smell of lamb stew wasn't’ enough to keep me in a house where I was not welcome. So, I left!

I decided to visit the garden, it was magnificent, beautifully trimmed with all sorts of lettuce, beets and onions surrounding the fence. A woman was shoveling compost, I asked about the garden and she gently began to explain. After the garden lesson, I went over to see Clark, the wood chopper, he was amazing. He launched into an explanation of what he does and why he does it.  He just went on and on about the value of keeping this historical farm alive.  He stated that the great reward of the day would be the lamb stew cooked on an open fire with vegetables from the garden. Throughout his talk he mentioned many times “if we could only raise enough money, we will....”

The moral of the story is that if the ultimate goal of this non-profit is to raise money they need to train their employees, train their volunteers and teach the community how to fall in love with them, most importantly, hire a leader who inspires this kind of behavior.  People don’t give money from their wallets they give it from their hearts and when your heart is in the game, trust and generosity follows. 

How will this non-profit ever grow? What can they do the CHANGE the way they do business? Is there a secret to growing your non-profit?  And, are you dealing with these same issues?  Watch for my next article entitled 16 ways to GROW UR Non-Profit. 

Or, you could continue business as usual and receive the “GREAT REWARD” lamb stew or you might consider “Changing Your Mind”.

Carol serves as a featured writer for the Home News and the Lehigh Valley Chamber Blog

Carol is an accomplished professional speaker, coach and educational consultant specializing in innovative leadership, outrageous fundraising, million dollar marketing, and building organizational alliances throughout the country.  Carol’s creative  leadership with bullet proof ideas for recruiting MORE MEMBERS, MORE MONEY AND BETTER LEADERS. 610-442-4545  Visit Carol on Facebook at Caroltalks

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