Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today's Business News in the Lehigh Valley, 12/13/12

Good morning and happy Thursday, Lehigh Valley. There are 18 days left to finish up your 2012 resolutions!

Small businesses have found a new way to prosper during the holiday season, not by stiff competition but rather by a method of community cooperation. Business owners in Lehigh Valley have been able to boost their sales through special promotions and events, including Christmas City Village in Bethlehem, Men's Shopping Night in Easton, and other promotions throughout the region.

Easton City Council has approved their 2013 budget, wherein the property taxes will remain the same and drivers will see an increase on the city's parking meters, from 50 cents/hour to $1/hour, which is still relatively low compared to most cities. They will supplement their revenue through other means as well, including the increasing income from their cut of the table games in neighboring Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem.

Nationally, there has been little to no progress regarding the impending fiscal cliff. Vast differences still exist in the way the White House and the Republicans would like to handle the tax increases and budget cuts that once implemented could send the country back into a recession. "If a deal is not reached, taxes will go up for almost all working Americans at the start of the New Year and steep government spending cuts will kick in."

For users who bought the iPhone 5 and miss having the functionality of Google Maps, then worry no more. Google Maps has made its way back into the App Store, this time offering turn-by-turn navigation that was not available on iOS before now.

Have a great, productive Thursday!

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