Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Growing Your Business in 2012- Emeril’s Trinity

Guest blog post from Carol Ritter of

Do any of you remember the old Emeril Lagasse cooking shows? If not, you might know that his brand just naturally came out of his vibrant personality. ‘BAM!’  Like many other famous chef’s Rachel Ray coined the phrase, ‘EVOO,’ and Cat Cora, the famous Iron Chef, drinks a shot of vodka with her team after every competition. They all have one thing in common, their ‘shtick.’ They have something that launches them way above their competitors...their ‘shtick' married with charisma. 

I remember when Emeril would start to cook, he coined onions, peppers, and celery the Trinity. Just like Emeril starting all his recipes with the trinity all three are a necessary piece of being a successful business.  The Trinity for success is;

1. Onion - or Outstanding Customer Service!
2.  Peppers- or Over the Top Product! or Service
3. Celery - (the sometimes missing link) Charisma!

How do you make sure you have all three of these necessary pieces?  It all begins with who you hire and how you train them. My guess is you began with an idea which grew into a product or service.  I’m going to assume you provide outstanding customer service (modeling this for your staff) but then there is the celery (CHARISMA). You can’t buy it, you can’t invent it and you can’t even train it. It’s either there or not in someone’s personality. Webster describes CHARISMA as someone born with the ability to have influence over large groups of people. The best, most appealing product or service in the world sometimes won’t sell because the Trinity is not in effect. 

Here’s what we know...the customer of the future has more access to information than ever before, they come to you well educated and many times ready and willing to go somewhere else where the customer service is amazing. To stay ahead of the game, when hiring look for people who are trainable or coachable if they don’t have the “magic charisma’. 

WHAT’S COOKIN IN YOUR BUSINESS?  Make sure the onions, the peppers and celery are all in place for 2013!

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