Friday, February 15, 2013

Express Business Center - Member of the Day

Today's Member of the Day is Express Business Center, a proud and active Chamber member since 2007. I've known Murtaza Jaffer, the owner of Express Business Center (EBC), since I started working at the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and ever since I have been meaning to visit and take a tour of their facility. I had been told multiple times that Andrea Hemphill, their Director of Development, made a delicious cup of coffee, and I finally found the time to see for myself.

Andrea makes a delicious cup of coffee!
EBC is located in Trexlertown at 6900 Hamilton Boulevard. At first glance it looks like your standard pack and ship store, but once I was inside I realized how wrong I was. The facility was much more advanced than I expected. In addition to their print and copy services that they offer in the front of the store, they had a whole back room filled with these enormous printers. Murtaza showed me drawers full of client work that they fulfilled while Andrea made me a cup of her 'famous coffee.' It certainly lived up to the expectations, and I have been dreaming of that coffee ever since. Unfortunately, she didn't tell me the secret to how she made it though, so you're going to have to head on over and try it for  yourself.

In addition to their full-service packaging and shipping operations in the front of the facility, they offer high speed color copying and printing, laminating, notary services, photo developing (through Dan's Camera, another great Chamber member), and even income tax preparation! They are seriously a one-stop shop for everything. While I was there they were in the middle of printing hundreds of blank coloring pages for an order through Red Robin. Side note - I really love to see all these Chamber members working together!

As I was talking to Andrea in the front of the store, Murtaza rushed out of the back and said he had to show me something. Their banner printer (Yes, they print full-size banners too) was in the middle of printing this hockey banner on canvas. They have the capability of printing banners five feet wide in amazingly clear detail. If you need anything printed that you can't do in house, do yourself a favor and go visit Murtaza and Andrea over at EBC to see what they offer. They are both great people and are usually in attendance at many of the Chamber events we hold. If you'd like an introduction, I'd be happy to help. Thanks for the hospitality Express Business Center, and I'm glad I finally had the chance to visit.

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