Thursday, March 21, 2013

Are You Sabotaging Your Success? - Guest Blog Post

Guest blog post from Amy Burkett/PBS39 Station Manager -

Why would any of us want to sabotage our success?  The answer, of course, is we don't WANT to but millions do it everyday by giving up.  So, today I'm sharing just one of my secrets to success and that's PERSEVERANCE!!!  That word should be your best friend and I know a lot about pushing through when all your flesh wants to do is throw up the white flag and surrender.  I've spent 23 years in television and have had just about every cruel thing imaginable done to me but today I'm stronger because of all of it.

I'll share FIVE enemies of perseverance but first you need to learn a little about how I've persevered.   My whole life I dreamed of being a television news anchor.  I used to sit on my grandfather's lap and watch the news with Walter Cronkite.  I won my first essay contest in the third grade and was in all the school musicals.  It seemed I was meant to be in television.  I was accepted to Bowling Green State University in my home state of Ohio.  I made it through the first semester just fine and signed up to be a writer for the school's daily newspaper...THE BG NEWS.  I loved it.  THEN, I had to take an entry exam to officially be admitted to the school of journalism.

I don't know about you but tests freaked me out.  I over thought it and stressed myself out so of course you can guess what happened   I failed it.  Not once but four times.  The fifth try was a charm but don't think I didn't cry a river freaking out that my dream of being a television journalist was over before it began.  Here's the kicker.  After I passed, I was called before the journalism review board.  I was convinced they were going to deny admitting me because it took me so long to pass.

Well, I was WRONG again.  They decided to eliminate the test because they no longer believed it determined whether someone would be successful in the field.  Little old me from tiny Uhrichsville, OH made a difference and you can too if you avoid the 5 ENEMIES of PERSEVERANCE as written by NY Times Bestselling Author John Maxwell.

       1.  A lifestyle of giving up.

       2.  A wrong belief that life should be easy.

       3.  A wrong belief that success is a destination.  (It's a journey)

       4.  A lack of resiliency

       5.  A lack of vision

My friends life is tough but our success is worth the effort.  Winston Churchill once said, "Never, ever, ever give up."  Giving up isn't part of any of our DNA.  So my friends I want to encourage you to PERSEVERE.  Push on toward the finish line.  A great boss once told me life is a marathon not a 50 yard dash.  We have to train, push on and PERSEVERE.   It's going to be difficult but YOU CAN DO IT.  Don't settle for being average.  You were created for GREATNESS!

Amy is an Emmy Award winning producer who's passionate about developing people.  She is a John Maxwell certified leadership trainer, speaker and coach.  Like me on Facebook at Amy Burkett Sucess Seekers, 610.814.0610

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