Monday, March 25, 2013

Growing Your Business in 2013 - You Are My Sunshine

Guest blog post from Carol Ritter of

You are my Sunshine....My only Sunshine.....You make me Happy.....When skies are Gray, You’ll never know, Dear.....How much I love you....Please don’t take my sunshine away!  

I was working in Philadelphia this week and was privileged to hear a national known speaker and comedienne.  She spoke on change.  She began her talk by singing, “You are my Sunshine, pause, My only Sunshine, pause, You make me happy, big pause”.  We were on the edge of our seats wondering where she was going with this song.  It was the pause that created the curiosity, mystery and anticipation.  After completing the first verse, she launched into a story about old Johnnie Mason and how every Satuday night he would dress up in his plaid sport jacket, his striped slacks and his polka dot tie to take his wife Sadie dancing.  Once they hit the dance floor he began to sing, “You are my Sunshine”.  After years and years of singing and dancing, Sadie passed away.  But every Saturday night, Johnnie would still dress up in his Sunday best to remember those good old days.  She asked Johnnie, “Why, why do you continue to dress up on Saturday nights?”  “Because, in life we all have to adjust and change when we are dealt a bad hand.  You have two choices, you can sit back and be miserable or you can adjust to the change and celebrate the future.” 

I ask my audiences all the time, how do you feel about change?  Most say they hate it, many say it’s hard to escape and only a few love it.  How does your business adjust to change?  What happens to you when the economy tanks or business is seasonally slow? What about when Congress passes a new law that affects your bottom line?   Or better yet, how do you adjust when business is through the roof and you might need more staff and product? I think we all know that we can’t hide from it and it will come around the corner sometimes when we least expect it.  So, why not prepare for change. 

Here are some ideas: 
Keep yourself in the know, keep up on buying trends
Follow the economic trends and current events
Become an economic ‘prepper’, save for a rainy day
Track your sales and, if you can, your competitions sales so you can better plan for the future

The other night dear....When I was sleeping..... I dreamt I held you in my arms...You’ll never know dear.....How much I love you....Please don’t take my sunshine away. 

No matter how well you plan your SUNSHINE may be taken away!

Carol serves as a featured writer for the Home News and the Lehigh Valley Chamber Blog.
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