Monday, March 4, 2013

Member Relations Intern - Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for your interest in interning with the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Please find the information regarding the intern position below.

Appropriate majors & career interests:  Communications, Business, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, Member Relations, Hospitatlity

Time commitment:  A minimum of 8 hours a week, to be fulfilled for one-two full semesters.   This internship is available for college credit, or work experience, only.

Contact information:  Please send resume & cover letter to Kara Johnson via email ( or fax 610-758-9533.

Job Description:  Interns would work in one (or more) of the following two areas:

Member Relations:  The Chamber works actively and frequently to connect as much as possible with more than 5,000 members.  Our staff runs programs and events, and conducts research to communicate with our members as much as possible and keep them happy with the level of service they receive from The Chamber.  As such, interns can expect to work in many areas, including:
·         Researching Member Retention programs
·         Assisting in Member Benefit webinars, Making of Member Benefit Kits, and Member Plaque Replacement Program
·         Examining new ways to connect with our membership and ensure a high level of satisfaction
·         Run reports for the Member Relations Staff

Major Events:  The Chamber puts on several Annual Events, which are a value-added experience for our members. This intern will report directly to the Major Events Coordinator at the Chamber, and assist in ensuring that each event is executed excellently. This will include:
  • Learn the steps to planning an event – from deciding on the event purpose and format, to booking the venue, all the way to providing registration for guests on event day.
  • Attending meetings with the Major Events Coordinator, to aid in the booking of the items listed above. The Intern will record the minutes at these Meetings
  • Assisting in all items leading up to each Major Event, including the registration of attendees, printing name tags, powerpoint creation, ensuring proper sponsor recognition, music selection, etc. 

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