Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Action Alphabet

Guest blog post from Amy Burkett/PBS39 Station Manager

So you feel like you're stuck in a rut.  It happens to all of us.  Maybe it's your business that's grown for years and now seems like it's stuck in park.  Or maybe you're having trouble getting to that next career goal.  Trust me friends we all go through these times of professionally stalling.  I admit I'm not a fan.  I'm more of a put the pedal to the metal scream forward kind of gal.  But like you, things don't always happen the way I'd like them to everyday.  Here's what I do when I feel stuck.  I seek out a new leadership book so I can get some help to find a way to move forward.

Back in 2008 I hit a pretty big career speed bump and thank heavens a dear friend gave me Robert Schuller's book, TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST, BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO!  Seriously, I couldn't put it down.  Every page was better than the last and I felt encouraged...better yet it gave me some concrete tips on things only I could do to make life better and achieve my dream.  I'd like to share a few letters and tips from Schuller's ACTION ALPHABET with you.

  •  A-Affirm that you can do it. You CAN find a job.  You CAN change careers.  You CAN succeed and YOU deserve to succeed.
  • B-Believe that somehow, some time, somewhere through someone's help you CAN achieve your heart's highest goal.
  • C-Commit yourself to a dream.  Nothing holds people back more than the fear of failure. Go back to school, take a course, do whatever it takes to succeed.
  • D-Dare to try.  If you don't dare to take a risk, you'll never get ahead.  You'll never solve your problems.
  • E-Educate yourself.  Don't be tempted to take shortcuts, to avoid the hard years.  The training may be hard but those who are too lazy to learn, weaken their chances for success because knowledge is power.
  • F-Find the talent, the possibilities, the time, the money and the way.
  • G- A Giving attitude is the secret to successful living!  When you have the attitude of "I want what I want when I want it," people can tell and they are repelled.
I know there are 26 letters in the alphabet, but I only had space for seven.  Putting these seven into action will help you a lot toward moving your career and business forward.  This may be the help you need to shift out of neutral into drive.  VROOM VROOM...I think I hear you speeding forward already.

Amy is an Emmy Award winning producer who's passionate about developing people.  She is a John Maxwell certified leadership trainer, speaker and coach.  Like me on Facebook at Amy Burkett Sucess Seekers, 610.814.0610

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