Monday, April 22, 2013

Tonight on Business Matters: Generation Y - Leaders or Underachievers?

Tonight's episode of Business Matters, airing at 7:30 p.m. on WFMZ Channel 69, is
Generation Y – Leaders or Underachievers?

- Allison Lisiecki, The Hilton Garden Inn Airport Allentown Bethlehem Airport
- John McKnight, Lafayette College
- Alfonso Todd, Prolifick Radio
- Dean Young, Boys & Girls Club of Easton
- Bobby Lanyon, Young Professionals Council

Tune in tonight with host Tony Iannelli to hear from our panelists on whether Generation Y is a generation of leaders or underachievers.

What are your thoughts on Generation Y? Do you think it's a generation of leaders?

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Liz in the LV said...

I am looking forward to watching this.

As a twenty-something professional myself, I do not feel like Gen. Y is a generation of underachievers. Instead, I believe we are, overall, an extremely talented generation. We are a generation of individuals often holding multiple degrees, having served in leadership roles in college and graduate school, and ready and able to take charge.

However, I do believe that Gen. Y is at a severe disadvantage. Most of us went to college and graduated during these extremely difficult financial times for our country. Many of us even went to graduate school in order to receive more education because the job market was so poor upon graduation. However, we are now realizing that the job market for Gen. Y individuals is still weak. Further, we now have so much educational debt that it is hard for us to get ahead. We are receiving lower pay (if any) while we hold a greater amount of debt.

Gen. Y wants to lead this country to better times. However, we are just not given the opportunity to do so. I believe if localities take notice of what Gen. Y has to offer and offers them better employment, they will in turn help to improve the economic condition of their communities.