Monday, April 8, 2013

WAITING, WAITING, waiting... zzzz...

Guest blog post from Carol Ritter of

I’m hungry, want a place where I can get a salad, a little protein and, I’m thinking, maybe a delicious sweet potato.  So, I found the place and sat down at a table in the bar area.  A friend was going to join me in 20 minutes.  I got settled in, looked around and waited.  I waited and waited and waited for someone to ask me if I wanted a drink or a menu or maybe just a hello.  I watched the bartenders completely ignore my presence, they were busy washing glasses. I politely walked to the  reception desk, to the young girl (who was texting) and said, “Excuse me, do I have a waitress?”  She said, “The bartenders are supposed to tell me when someone sits down.”  So she took me back to my table and said to one bartender, “Who is supposed to wait on her?” The answer,  “Not me, I’m going home.” The hostess left and I was still WAITING.  My friend called and asked me to please order him something as he was running late.  I told him I still don’t have a waitress.”  He said, “WHAT, it’s been 15 minutes!”  “I know, I’m starting to think I’m invisible.” Suddenly, a friendly, perky woman raced to my table and said, “How can I help you?”  I wanted to say, “I feel bad cuz it seems like I’m interrupting washing glasses.”  But, I took the high road and and said, “Yes, I know what I want to order.”  She was at our table every 5 minutes asking us what she could do to make our visit more pleasant.  She obviously got the message that we were ignored.

In your business, is washing the dishes more important than selling product or service?  Although most of us prefer clean glasses, when we are hungry we want food.

Some ideas:

- Read the book,  Everyone’s in Sales, by Todd Cohen- the basis of his book is that every single person on your staff sells your product, your service, and most importantly, your reputation.

- Train your staff, bring in an expert to train your employees on extravagant customer service.

- The animal planet has “Shark Week,” your biz can have Extravagant Customer Service Week where customers vote on the best service provided by your team.

- Raise the Bar - increase expectations for your team.

Do you think I will return to the restaurant?  Do you think I will tell my friends and family what happened?  Will I recommend them to someone else?  Well, I’ve decided if asked those questions I’ll be waiting, and waiting and waiting to reply!!!

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