Monday, July 22, 2013

Growing Your Business in 2013 - Evil Eye

Guest Blog from Carol Ritter of
Just loving vacation time!  Someone told me once that if we worked as hard as we do the week before vacation we would be so much more productive.  I scrambled all week, cleaned up all my emails, returned every call, finished last minute responsibilities and left for vaca feeling like I’m ready to refresh and forget about everything except fun in the sun. 
Until we arrived!
The first day can be stressful, the heat was oppressive (just like the Lehigh Valley).  The place wasn’t cleaned, we were thirsty and hungry and patiently waiting and waiting and waiting.  It got to be 3:30pm and we decided to go to my favorite “green cafe”  Looking for a thirst quenching smoothie and a small salad, I was greeted by the “EVIL EYE.”  I walked in, stood there waiting.  Five servers were sitting at the tables folding napkins, one looked up and shot me the “EYE” again?  I stood, looked around and noticed a sign that they close at 4pm.  EVIL got up and said, “May I help you?”  I was sure I was completely inconveniencing her.  I asked to be seated and she said, “We stop table service at 3:30.” We can get you take out if you want.” All said with an attitude.” I decided to leave, thinking this shouldn’t happen on vacation! 
Next morning, my friends talked me into going back for a fresh “Green Juice.”  It’s vacation, I’ll forgive and forget and move on.  The waitress came outside to greet us, and she could not have been friendlier and the juice was fabulous. 
The real question is who is responsible for the flip flop service?  One day I get the “EVIL EYE” and the next day over the top service with a big smile.  It all begins with the top banana, the owner, the leader, and the decision maker.
Do you have anyone working for you who has the nerve, the audacity, the bad judgement to give someone who provides you with your livelihood the “EVIL EYE?” And, if you do, do you have a solution. 
1. Give them a reasonable chance to correct the situation.
2. Make them financially responsible for the customer complaints, when a customer complains about their treatment, give them a free meal and “Evil Eye” pays.

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