Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Growing Your Business in 2013 - Free Frenzy

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of CarolTalks.com.
Someone very special in my life makes me laugh a lot.  One of his favorite lines is ,“If it’s free, it’s for me!”  Let’s go surfing on the internet to see what we can get for free.  If you have a Facebook account, almost daily a ‘free’ page shows up.  Today it was Unlimited Free Stuff.  I just had to try it.  Bob Evans is giving away a free cup of “BOLD” coffee.  You just click and click again and a coupon shows up good till the end of the month.  We are definitely missing out on free stuff when we don’t investigate this awesome opportunity.  I clicked for free corn chips and guac at Chili’s, I clicked for free Ritz Crackers, and I’m going to click more later today.  We all love free stuff so why don’t we, as business owners, know that?   If it’s free, it’s for all your customers.  It’s time to leverage the “FREE FRENZY”
Carol’s FREE FRENZY Ideas
Facebook - the best opportunity in the world to promote your business or event.  Build a page - it takes about 15 minutes.  Begin with pictures, questions, and then promotions, FREE FRENZY
1.  Join the Lehigh Valley Chamber, the membership dues are low and the value is high, $5,000 high.  Yes, you can leverage $5,000 in value by joining the chamber.  Start today with a FREE Sunday ad in the Morning Call, tomorrow put your company in their monthly magazine - FREE, or go on the radio this Friday on WAEB. FREE FRENZY
2.  Send out press releases for your events, giveaways etc - FREE FRENZY
3.  Purchase a magnetic sign for your car or a car wrap with your website, phone number and email, it’s not free in the beginning but you will get back the cost in business and then it will turn into a FREE FRENZY for years to come
4.  Many times Vista Print offers free business cards (don’t store them, give them away) - FREE FRENZY
5.  Educate people, position yourself as a expert and give away free information - FREE FRENZY
6.  Utilize LinkedIn to promote your business and expertise, make sure it’s up to date and packed full of useful information to appeal to future customers
7.  Last, but certainly not least, build your word of mouth epidemic, share your mission with everyone, invite your customers to write testimonials, throw them up on your website - FREE FRENZY
I clicked again!  This time I’m getting free tea, free vitamins, free detergent and free dog food. Now that’s a FREE FRENZY, try it!

Carol serves as a featured writer for the Home News and the Lehigh Valley Chamber Blog.Carol is an accomplished professional speaker, coach and educational consultant specializing in innovative leadership, outrageous fundraising, million dollar marketing, and building organizational alliances throughout the country.  Carol’s creative  leadership with bullet proof ideas for recruiting MORE MEMBERS, MORE MONEY AND TER LEADERS. www.caroltalks.com 610-442-4545 tellkids@aol.com  Like Carol on  Facebook at Caroltalks and CarolCoaches!  Carol S. Ritter, Immediate Past President, National Speakers Association Philadelphia

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