Wednesday, July 17, 2013

NVS Hair Salon - Member of the Day

Guest blog post from NVS fx Salon in Hellertown, a new Chamber member.

With summer underway, we at NVS Salon would like to share some tips to help you care for and keep your hair looking its best this season.

Many of you will spend a large part of your summer at the pool.  Chlorine will strip the hair of its vibrancy and moisture.  One thing you can do before getting into the pool is wet your hair with tap/regular water.  Your hair follicles will absorb the water, leaving less room for the chlorinated pool water.  Any water absorbed while you’re in the pool will be diluted by the tap water already present in the follicle.  Once you’re finished swimming you should shampoo and condition your hair, or at the very least rinse the chlorinated water from it.  Without rinsing, the chlorine will make your hair brittle and can also cause discoloration – as any blonde that becomes green in the summer can tell you.

If you find that your locks have been dulled by the sun and heat, you can try a vinegar mask at home.  Apply ¼ cup of white vinegar to towel dried hair and rinse after 10 minutes.  Your locks will be shiny and full of body.

Just as you apply sunscreen to your skin prior to sun exposure, your hair also needs sun protection.  A small amount of conditioner applied to towel dried or completely dried hair before pulling it up into a loose bun is easy enough and goes a long way.  When applying sunscreen be mindful of the skin around your hairline, where your hair parts, the nape of your neck and your ears (the tops of your ears and the skin behind them).  This skin is fair and sensitive.  It will burn easily and is therefore at higher risk for sun cancer.  You can also wear a straw hat, as straw protects you from UV rays.  Do not assume that any fabric will protect you; read your labels and look for “protects against UV ray” materials when purchasing sun hats and other protective products.

Finally, there are of course many salon services and products that offer and claim to protect the hair and combat the #1 summer hair enemy: frizz.  With the heat comes the humidity; and whether you have curls or straight hair, you want frizz-free locks.  A keratin treatment is a great frizz fighting service.  Keratin will smooth the hair and repel the humidity to lock out frizz.  There are different levels of application strength, depending on your hair texture and desired end result.  Ask your stylist which would work best for you.

Moving on to products, we at NVS Salon are very happy with the results we have seen from the KMS® California TAMEFRIZZ® Hair Care System.  We recommend it to our clients and use it ourselves.  The line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, taming crème, de-frizz oil and smoothing lotion.  As per the KMS® press release for the product line, Tame Frizz “fights frizz on the inside and outside” using a fusion of ingredients (Pequi oil and Acacia) it “internally repairs hair structure” while “externally smoothing the cuticle and reducing the visible effects of frizz.”  Our styling team will be happy to guide you in choosing the products that will best suit your needs.  Any product from this line will be a great addition to your summer hair care regimen.

We hope these tips will serve you and your hair well this summer! Thanks for reading and feel free to come see us at NVS Salon, where you can schedule your keratin treatment and or purchase products from the KMS® California TAMEFRIZZ® Hair Care System.

You can find us on Facebook at NVSfx Salon, visit our website at or call us: (610) 838-2600.

Guest blog post from NVS fx Salon in Hellertown, a new Chamber member.

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