Monday, July 1, 2013

PA Governor Tom Corbett passes $28.3 billion state budget

Good morning Lehigh Valley on this rainy Monday. It's already July... hard to believe!

Last night, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett passed the 2013-14 budget of $28.3 billion, but action has stalled on a liquor privatization bill, pension reform, and a transportation funding bill.

The House was unable to pass the legislation that called for roughly $2 billion in transportation funding, and that may have to wait until the fall for approval.

Further votes on Pennsylvania's liquor privatization bill will likely have to wait until the fall as well. "Early Saturday morning, the Senate Republican majority won a key, preliminary vote on a measure that would allow retail beer distributors to sell liquor and wine and permit certain other stores to sell wine."

The Allentown School District got a $9.6 million increase in funding, part of the legislature's $123 million in increased funding for schools.

A bill to possibly extend Medicaid eligibility to Pennsylvanians under the 2010 federal health-care law also passed the Senate, but house leaders insist they will not allow a vote on it.

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