Monday, August 12, 2013

Growing Your Business in 2013 - Ping Pong

Guest blog post from Carol Ritter of

As a kid, I used to love the game of Ping Pong.  A fun, silly, sometimes very competitive game. It was inexpensive, too.  You didn't need equipment, shin guards, face mask or even a monogrammed t-shirt.  You just needed to know someone who had a table and was willing to host some fun.  I remember learning “the spin serve” a unique serve where you spun the ball before serving to throw off your competition.

I’ve witnessed Ping Pong of another nature just recently.  Yesterday,  I left an envelope in my car that was being repaired because of an accident.  I arrived at the dealership and noticed my car ripped apart and being repaired.  A sign warning that customers cannot enter the garage without a hard hat was prominently hung.  I asked a gentlemen if I could go in and get my envelope, he directed me to the receptionist to get permission.  I went to the receptionist she said I had to go to the person who runs the I went back to the garage.  Finding no one,  I went in.  I made sure the car was not on a lift and proceeded to get my envelope.  I called my friend and said I got the envelope after an intense game of CUSTOMER PING PONG.  I spent way too much time there with the employees trying to avoid helping me.  Has this ever happened in your BIZ?  I interrupted the guy’s computer work, then I interrupted the receptionist’s quest to find her mid morning snack and the person who runs the garage was missing in action.

This group of employees wore uniforms clearly identifying them, they are in a competitive business and they did everything to avoid helping me.  The moral of the story is; make sure your employees are trained on how to handle customers with questions.  Teach them to get up once in a while and greet the customer instead of sitting there.  And, set the company culture right from the start, customers first, snacks, computers and breaks second.  It’s a competitive world out there, especially if you have perfect the spin serve in your game of PING PONG!

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