Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Growing Your Business in 2013 - Think Lucky

I’ve heard it all, the answers to the question - what makes an entrepreneur successful?  Strong people skills, belief in yourself, ability to motivate others around you, being money wise, self-confidence and the list goes on.  But, do you need luck or does luck play an important role in your business’s success?  Luck is described as success or failure brought on by chance rather than one’s own actions.  Can you be successful without any luck might be the better question?

I luckily got an email from ArtsQuest the other week and noticed that the Drifter’s, who sing one of my favorite songs, “Under the Boardwalk” were coming to the Levitt Pavilion.  I luckily had the evening free and decided to go.  It was a beautiful night, perfect seats and great friends.  There had to be 4000 people there dancing, singing and just having a good old time. At the start they announced that they would be giving away a free CD and autographed picture of the Drifter’s to anyone who completed their survey. I thought,  ‘smart move.’  I’m a big believer in surveying your customers.  The concert ended and I just about turned around to leave and I heard over the loud speaker, Carol Ritter, you won!  OMGoodness, I won, am I lucky or was it just a coincidence? YOU DECIDE!

According to Richard Wiseman, PHD, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire in England.  "Luck, it is a way of thinking and behaving." He insists that we have far more control over the element—and outcome—of chance in our lives than we realize. In fact, he argues that only 10 percent of life is truly random. The remaining 90 percent is "actually defined by the way you think."

Just maybe there is such a thing as a lucky person or maybe it’s just the fact that they grasp the wisdom of luck and they embrace it.  As a business owner and entrepreneur, are you thinking good luck today or bad luck?

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