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Growing Your Biz in 2013 - Honey Boo Boo

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I had the pleasure of attending an educational lecture this week, sponsored by King Spry Herman Freund Faul law firm and Lehigh University’s Center for Developing Urban Education.  Dr. Yong Zhao, internationally known scholar, author and speaker presented Valuing Customization and Creativity in Education in an Era of Standardization.  I thought I was going to an educational lecture, but, in fact, I was at a “Grow UR Biz” with the entrepreneurship spirit lecture.

Dr. Zhao began by sharing with the audience the focus of public education on test scores.  He cited that Asian countries have been outscoring the US in math and science for years.  Interestingly, the countries with the higher Program for International Student Assessment or PISA scores lacked the confidence and creativity to express their entrepreneurial capabilities.  “China wants to be like the US, producing entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and the US wants to be like China with high test scores.” said Dr. Zhao.

I wondered if the job market is out of touch with education or is education out of touch with today’s and tomorrow’s job market. Jobs in the US have changed from the standard farming and  manufacturing to creating services and consulting.

His research shows that a very high percentage of college graduates are not working today and are living in their parent’s basements.  Many because the jobs today don’t match the education they received.

He used the example of Kim Kardashian, what does she do?  What is her talent and how was she prepared for the workforce?  Or maybe Honey Boo Boo, what does she do?  What is her talent?  The thing they both have in common is that they have created value which leads to creating jobs.  Honey’s mom and Kim’s mom share Dr. Zhoa’s non-cognitive factors for entrepreneurial success.  They have confidence, they are risk takers, they have passion, they are creative, they are alert to opportunities, unique, and emphatic.  Do their test scores count? Have their scores brought them success and financial comfort?

Three Qualities the New Business owner must have...
1. Creativity
2. An Entrepreneurial Spirit
3. Globally Competency

Three Qualities not necessary for starting a business
1. High Test Scores
2. High Test Scores
3. High Test Scores

A sign hangs high in the human resources department of Apple.  “If you want to be managed, you’re not employable.”  Think about that.   You can learn more about Dr.  Zhao at

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