Monday, September 9, 2013

Tonight on Business Matters - A Special Double Header

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Tonight on Business Matters: A special double header- 

Should the U.S. Save Syria or Stay Out? [7:00 p.m.]

SIDE 1--
• Sandra Soliman, Kutztown University Student
• Joe ElChaar, The ElChaar Group
• Pastor Gus Al-Khal, Arabic Living E.C. Church

SIDE 2---
• Mouhanad Chaker, Syrian American Council
• Mohamad Mazid, American Syrian Council

A Business Matters taping that you definitely don’t want to miss! Undoubtedly one of the most heated shows to date.

Join host Tony Iannelli as he discusses the current condition of Syria and the debate as to whether America should get involved. Should America stay out and stay silent or act immediately? Hear from four guests with four very diverse viewpoints on this important topic.


One-on-one with U.S. Senator Pat Toomey [7:30 p.m.]

Join host Tony Iannelli and U.S. Senator Pat Toomey for an exclusive one-on-one interview TONIGHT discuss the most recent topics today affecting our nation.
• Immigration Reform – what are the Senator’s key principles that should be our country’s immigration policy?
• Syria – are we making the right decisions as a nation relative to our involvement? What’s the best course of action?
• Future of our economy – is it looking up or are we in for more doom and gloom?
• And much, much more!

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