Friday, October 4, 2013

Growing Your Biz in 2013 - Nobody Tells Me Nothin'

I was working in North Carolina a few years ago, giving a speech to an educational community.  I arrived early, knocked on the door, and waited and waited and waited for someone to let me in.  Suddenly a custodian appeared, I introduced myself and said, “I’m the speaker for tonight’s event.”  With a touch of anger, he said, “Nobody tells me nothin’.”  I was on my own until the leadership team arrived because he was so disgruntled he could barely contain himself.  So, the question is, who’s responsibility is it to communicate with the custodian?  Is it his?  Should he be chasing the principal of the school to find out what’s going on or should the principal make sure he knows whats going on? 

Communication is the number one problem in most organizations.  Just ask the staff.  Information is power and lack of it creates an atmosphere of secrecy, hidden agendas and,most importantly, a great excuse for not doing your job.  “Nobody Told Me.” 

What are the top ten communication strategies that work?

1.                      Be Transparent
2.                      Build Trust with all Employees
3.                      Practice Two-Way Communication (respond within 24 hours)
4.                      Don’t Ignore when you don’t have an Answer
5.                      Keep everyone in the Loop
6.                      Ask the staff what Communication is Important to them
7.                      Send a weekly or monthly info Update
8.                      Better to tell too much than not Enough
9.                      Train Staff on Kicked up Communication
10.                    Set an Example of high level Communication and your staff will follow

Setting high expectations for your staff and colleagues gives you the ability to set the standard, implement the process and evaluate the communication that occurs internally and, more, importantly externally.  “Nobody Tells Me Nothin” is not the phrase you want being communicated with your customers, your staff or your future customers.  If “nobody tells you nothin” you can bet it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Carol S. Ritter, Motivational Speaker 
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