Monday, October 14, 2013

TrueSpa - Chamber Member of the Day

Today's Member of the Day is truespa in Palmerton!

"Nestled peacefully among the Blue Mountain in Palmerton, Pa lies truespa, an all natural & organic spa and skin care center. From the moment you enter through our doors you will be enveloped in a nature inspired world of tranquility and serenity; leaving any stress and worries behind.

This highly experienced family duo of mother Tricia Schaefer and daughter Jazmin Schaefer ensure their guest receive the highest level of service. We are progressive leaders in the beauty, oncology skin care, and wellness industry and attribute this to our strong commitment to continued education.

Tricia Schaefer: Spa Owner, Medical Aesthetician, Permanent Make Up Specialist, Oncology Skin Care Specialist; has used her 9 years of experience in medical skin care and business development to create an earthy and harmonious ambiance coupled with a total commitment to helping clients experience the long-lasting benefits of services provided in an environment designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness.

Jazmin Schaefer: Spa Manager, Cosmetologist, Organic Hair Care Specialist, Oncology Skin Care Specialist.

Workings along with Tricia & Jazmin are a licensed, highly skilled and professional staff.

Tricia Schaefer (610)826-4900

new combined mind and body services will create a unique and comprehensive plan to meet their clients’ needs

truespa skin care center, located on Delaware Avenue in Palmerton is announcing their collaboration with Kara Scott, who is now providing life coaching services at their location.

Ms. Scott has been a practicing therapist in Carbon County since 2001. Prior to that, she worked for 5 years in a facility for adjudicated adolescents coordinating their therapeutic programming and conducting individual counseling. Ms. Scott recently pursued training in life coaching because she saw the need to help people achieve their goals outside of the medical model.

“The simplest way to explain the difference is that therapy will lead a person from dysfunctional to functional and coaching will take a person from functional to optimal. Most of the people I served through the years needed a light to guide their way through the darkness, not a diagnosis or a medication.” stated Ms. Scott. “Of course, there will always be a place for therapists, and some people’s needs are more severe than others, so if the person I am serving and I decide together that his/her needs are beyond the scope of  coaching, I will refer him/her to a trusted and more intensive service that will better meet his/her needs.”

The staff at truespa has been successfully treating the skin and body for years, and life coaching will integrate the services they offer comprehensively to serve the mind and the body.  Whether it’s reducing the stress in your life, building the confidence you need, or strengthening your relationships, truespa is here for you.

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