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Are You Warming Up for Success? Words of Wisdom from the 10th Annual PA Women’s Conference

Are You Warming Up for Success? Words of Wisdom from the 10th Annual PA Women’s Conference

By Kayte Connelly, CCT

In early November 7,000 women , with a few brave men sprinkled in, attended the 10th Annual Pennsylvania Women’s Conference in the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Representatives from all aspects of the community enjoyed great speakers including Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton and a host of smaller break-out seminars to support their forward growth.

There was a Career Corner, where resumes could be dissected, a coaching corner, where more than 200 individuals enjoyed 20 minute speed sessions and an exhibit floor.

Here are some of the more poignant remarks with”how to’s” from two of the outstanding speakers. These words of wisdom are timeless.

Named the “last honest analyst” by Fortune Magazine, Sally Krawchek strongly urged women to recognize the moment; that “you are the only one that can make the decision that your life, your workplace, or your relationships are no longer acceptable.”  And when you make that decision, “what will you do about it?”

She offered a variety of tips surrounding choices and moving your career forward.

1. If it comes down to making an ethical decision or losing your job, remember that you have to look yourself in the mirror every morning.

2. Find a sponsor – a super mentor who will take responsibility for you and offer you guidance throughout your career.

3. Become a master networker.  She gave the example of an organization she belongs to, 85 Broads, a global women’s network.

4. Honor diversity.  A homogenous world makes for a sour taste.  Look around and be purposeful in your selection of friends and advisors.

5. Don’t be a weeble wobbler. Recognize the gifts that you’ve been given. Make the decision to embrace the power of gratefulness and integrate it into your daily mission.

Judge Glenda Hatchett, host and star of “Judge Hatchett,” best-selling author and formerly, the highest-ranking woman of color worldwide at Delta Air Lines made a return appearance being the highest requested speaker in the history of the Conference. Highlights from her presentation were focused on three themes: the first, focusing on our daily lives, she advised that we “always act with the utmost integrity” and to recognize that “your word is your bond.”  Act as if your parents are watching and act upon what you state.

Secondly, she implored, “How dare we not claim our destiny and dreams?”

1. What is it that you have always wanted to do, but you haven’t done it?  Why not?

2. There is no such thing as failure: we are only warming up for our success.

 Finally, after telling an emotionally-charged story about her past, she implored attendees to take charge of their own lives.  “Go through your story.  Find the pages you don’t like and tear them up.  There is no such thing as failure – you are just warming up for success. Write your OWN story for your future and live it.”

Perhaps, the greatest take-away from attending functions like this is that of a commitment to lifelong learning.  You never have it all figured out. If you think you do, your spirit is dead.  Make it part of your ongoing plan to participate in great events where you can be motivated to BE more.  Then, take the messages and DO something about it.

About the Author 

Kayte Connelly, Best Principled Solutions LLC, is an award-winning author, leadership coach, and organizational development consultant specializing in personal, professional and community leadership. She facilitates corporate retreats and conversations with dissimilar parties and helps individuals and organizations identify and eliminate what stands between themselves and their goals. The Greater Lehigh Valley Consortium is a partnership established with leadership providers throughout the Lehigh Valley. Steadfast and earnest, we are a think-tank of like-minded individuals. We provide enriched customized services that are designed to create and sustain generations of leaders for our community and elsewhere, based on research and global development. Please “like” us at www.facebook.com/GLVLC or www.facebook.com/BestPrincipledSolutions. Call  484.769.2327   for more information on how your company could become more collaborative, flexible, imaginative, innovative and/or discover your “edge.”

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