Thursday, December 12, 2013

Express Business Center is Hiring! Digital Press Operator opening

EBC is hiring, we are seeking for a digital press operator. Please send your resume to


The digital press Operator prepares and operates the Igen Xerox equipment by reviewing job specifications, making equipment adjustments and performing ongoing quality checks to produce quality forms which meet internal standards and customer needs.

Operate high resolution Igen imaging equipment along with other digital equipment as needed. Program and prepare jobs for printing. Maintain daily print job production logs and daily delivery manifests. Setup, program and release jobs from print queue. Adjust image position. Color quality and resolution, perforations and folds on paper, etc. Monitor quality of job output for correctness and image quality. Monitor supplies such as ink, chemical solutions, blankets and rollers, paper, tabs, and other items as needed.

Requires excellent knowledge of digital print equipment set up, adjustment, operating procedures, and a corresponding level of skill to set up, operate, and adjust the equipment. Able to set up, operate, and adjust the equipment, and in addition, diagnose, solve, and correct operating problems affecting the quality and timeliness of the service or product or function. Requires knowledge of color theory and ability to make adjustments and color corrections when operating the equipment to produce the imaging to customer specifications. Good knowledge of file manipulation and file formats for digital print. Good knowledge and ability to set up feed rollers, tensioning, timing and in-line finishing per job specifications. May instruct junior level operators how to complete the required corrective adjustment. Typically, corrective adjustments performed require the operator to consider the symptom(s), possible causes and remedies.

Job Responsibilities:
* Operating various imaging equipment using densitometers, align gauges to produce a high quality imaged product that meets job specifications. Igen experience required, Igen 4 experience preferred.
* Preparing for the job run time by reviewing the job specifications and making adjustments to the equipment to provide a sample of the finished product.
* Reviewing the sample form with the supervisor using equipment checklists to ensure that it meets all job specifications and quality requirements.
* Refilling paper trays on Xerox equipment to keep the job running efficiently and on time.
* Visually inspecting and color matching the forms to samples throughout run time to ensure that they meet job specifications and quality standards.
* Adhering to all SOP standards.
* Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills:
Igen experience required, Igen 4 experience preferred. Igen certification preferred or equivalent years of experienced. Good mathematical and mechanical problem solving skills. Lifting up to 50 lbs, 4-6 hours, walking/standing, 6-7 hours, bending/stooping, 2-3 hours. Ability to read and understand job specifications, printing procedures, quality control procedures, and finishing operations. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, with the ability to communicate with all levels including management, supervisors, technicians, project managers, and other operators. Excellent understanding of appropriate electronic imaging terminology is imperative for effective communication. Know and understand the imaging systems for Xerox preventive maintenance on the imaging equipment. Operator should be able to determine the extent of a problem, using the check sheets and know whether to notify a technician. Must work well in a team oriented environment.

Required Experience: 
High school diploma, GED, or equivalent experience in the print industry required.

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