Monday, March 31, 2014

Grow UR Biz - D-D-T

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of

I remember, years ago, I was coming home from a speech in Columbus, Ohio.  It was June, hot and when I boarded the plane I realized the plane had no air conditioning.  After about 20 minutes of what felt like heat stroke, I got up and asked the flight attendant what was wrong.  She said the air conditioning wouldn’t work until we got in the air.  Oh please,  I was pretty sure she was not telling the truth.  Well, we took off and I don’t recall ever being so hot in my life.  The natives were getting restless and began to complain and almost beg for drinks.  That was two hours of my life I will never forget.  I wrote the company and did get one free airline ticket which I had to use within the next two months.  I was thinking, how would the trip have changed if she told me the TRUTH?  

Then, this week I was asked to be a reference for a friend.  When Bob called he asked me the usual questions.  He said this is a marketing job, our person needs to be a self- starter.  I said, “He’s driven and he does what he says he will do.”  Bob said, “You said the right word, he’s driven!” Do you know anyone like that?  DRIVEN

And then, I love watching my grandchildren grow up.  I see things I didn’t notice when I was raising my kids.  Like the day Wes was allowed to play on our deck  but his curiosity took him to the gate.  I watched him try, try and try again to get that gate open.  He was only 4.   He would look around him for something to stand on, he would push and push and push again in order to wiggle the lock loose.  After 30 minutes, he did it, he got the thing open and ran down the steps.  DETERMINATION

Three qualities necessary to be an entrepreneur.  

DETERMINATION means strength of character and firmness of purpose. Gotta have it!  

To be DRIVEN means you won’t stop until the job is done, you are committed to the end results.  Gotta have it!

TRUTH-we all know what that means, I always say to my colleagues -just tell me the truth.  I can handle that better than silly games, better than pretending you agree and better than saying I’m right when I’m absolutely wrong.  Gotta have it.

Success comes in many forms, but with DDT, Determination, being Driven and Truth-telling - Success may come sooner than you think!  Gotta have it!

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