Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Grow Ur Biz - RULE IT OUT

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of CarolTalks.com

Woke up last Friday with plans to run some errands.  One thing I’ve learned is that so many times the best laid plans are sometimes not realized.  I decided to start at the bank.  I wanted to put a payment on my credit card.  Walked in with cash and the credit card.  Stood in line for a bit, reached the teller and she said, “You need to show your identification to make a payment.”  I thought, “Why would I need ID to make a payment?”  Are there rogue people showing up at the bank trying to make a payment on my credit card?  If so, I’m leaving it there so I can take advantage of all those extra payments.  I asked, “Why do I need ID to make a payment, it doesn’t make sense.”  I showed the ID and then began to think.....
Can rules get way too crazy?  Are we so paranoid about liars, cheats and thieves that we ‘Rule our Way’ right out of business. I’m not anti rule, but I do think that sometimes businesses go too far.  No shirt, no shoes, no service, no returns without a receipt, don’t use this door, no more than 4 at a table, don’t use credit card, cash only, stand in this line, stand in that line, hold on I’ll be with you in an hour, and on and on.  
If you’re looking to Grow Ur Biz - only one rule is necessary.  Come in because we are the friendliest business in town.   It’s our pleasure to serve you.  
I don’t have a checking or savings account with this bank, although they ask me to open one every time I’m there.  No thanks, I’m ruling you out!
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