Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Growing UR Biz in 2014 - Match.com

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of CarolTalks.com

Match.com says it’s the leading online dating site for singles. I’m not interested in dating, but decided to go there to research for this week’s post. The front page says you can take a chemistry test, the testimony says,“the test works, almost as though they knew me.” Not taking the test either but I do believe in chemistry. It’s almost like you have a bunch of friends and you love them all, but you have more chemistry with one or two. What is chemistry? Answer - a natural connection between two people. According to Psychology Today, “If we perceive at least some similarity, we may feel more at ease disclosing information about ourselves, because we believe the other person will understand us.” Ah ha, sounds like a breakthrough! Chemistry equals someone who “get’s us” or “understands us.” I’m thinking I might agree!

How about we close our eyes and create a clientmatch.com site for recruiting new clients? When you arrive you complete a form that states what you have to offer (your profile) and then you take the chemistry test and then the site matches you with the perfect client. Now, they took the chemistry test too, so it has to work. One of my favorite coaching clients told me recently that her company teaches their staff to “DATE their FUTURE CLIENTS!” What a “Smash the Box” idea! I realized I’ve been doing it for years, just didn’t have a name for it.

Here Are Some Ideas.....

1. Be willing to share a cup of coffee, a meal, attend an event

2. Take the time to pay attention to them bi-weekly

3. Zone in on your natural connection - take the conversation there

4. Invite them to attend events you think they will enjoy

5. Take this trusting relationship into a trusting business relationship

6. Once they become your client, you’re married and we all know that marriage is a work in progress. It’s not easy, you need to pay attention to it and you need to stay committed and loyal.

Match.com may be the leading online dating site for singles and since we have no site for matching you with the ideal client, it’s time to pay attention to chemistry and start dating TODAY!

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