Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Growing UR Biz in 2014 - Walt, Steve, Thomas & Henry

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of CarolTalks.com

What do Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford have in common?  They all are great innovators, they all applied imagination to technology and business and they all became wildly famous and have incredible name recognition.  
After doing some research I learned, Walt wasn’t always a spoon full of sugar.  He struggled with women in the workplace but, in spite of his beliefs, he focused on creating the happiest place on earth.  Love that place.  FOCUS 
In Steve Jobs biography, he proclaims FOCUS as the most important trait for a successful company.   He actually would invite his leadership team to make a list of projects they wanted to work on in the upcoming year.  After all suggestions were made, Steve would elimate all but three so they could put everything they had into those three objectives - that’s FOCUS!  Innovators are catalysts for change, they take ideas and transform them into our every day lives.  Steve was asked about his tough leadership style, he said, “they have a choice to work anywhere and they stay here, so it must be working.”
“One of the most famous and prolific inventors of all time,” Thomas Alva Edison  contributed inventions such as the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera, as well as improving the telegraph and telephone. In his 84 years, he acquired an astounding 1,093 patents.  Now that’s FOCUS!!
After designing race cars for his own use, Henry Ford, in 1908, designed the Model T, specifically made to appeal to the masses. It was light, fast and strong. Henry had found and used Vanadium steel within the Model T which was much stronger than any other steel available at the time. He transformed the auto industry with FOCUS.
I have worked with so many businesses over the years.  If I had to pinpoint their two biggest issues, they would be low communication and lack of FOCUS.  Many times they are just all over the place with their ideas and direction. 
FOCUS is the center of attention, the core of what you do, your #1 activity.  Here’s how to begin to FOCUS...
Step 1 -  Choose or strategize about  your #1 profit making activity 
Step 2 -  Increase your time spent on the activity by 50%
Step 3 - Don’t allow any distractions from that activity
Step 4 - Increase your marketing, train your staff and zero in on it daily
Step 5 - Teach your customers that what is #1 to them is #1 to you!
FOCUS, it’s rather simple, takes some planning, but mostly, takes your commitment to profitabliity.  JUST FOCUS
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