Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Grow UR Biz - Perhaps

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of CarolTalks.com

 Perhaps it was coincidental, but was speaking this weekend on Extreme Customer Service in West Virginia. The convention was held at the Blennerhassett Hotel, listed on the registry of historic hotels.  I was greeted by Chris, he handled my bags and parked my car-complimentary.  When I checked in, the front desk clerk helped me find the room I was speaking in and was very helpful.  I’m thinking... I like this place.  When I got to my room there was no fighting with the WiFi (if you travel, you know that is hit & miss), the room was impeccably clean and they even had a Kuerig in the room for fresh coffee or tea.  I’m thinking... I’m liking it even more!  Had a magnificent dinner in the dining room, (I’m gluten-free and they had a menu for me - very unusual if you travel a lot).  The following day I arrived at my first speech.  The break-out room was set up perfectly and the electronics worked. I’m thinking... this is too good to be true! Back to my room, I ordered room service for lunch so I could work, it was delivered in record time and completely perfect.  (Blenny Salad with goat cheese and grilled chicken).  Off to my next speech, again everything worked.  Then, my final keynote to the entire convention body.  I walked into the beautifully staged room and saw no connection to the WiFi, starting to panic, one of the convention delegates went to get the WiFi expert and, lo and behold, it was Chris, the bellman.  He fixed the problem and said, “Can I help you with anything else?”  I said, “Yes, I need 2 glasses for water, he ran off and brought back two glasses filled with water, perfectly iced.  Then, it happened, the CEO of the Hotel stopped by to welcome the conventioneers.  He talked about having the best staff in the world and how if you need anything this weekend they will make sure we get it. Dinner the following night and all other meals were amazing, along with the waitstaff, they are a true example of EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE.  

PERHAPS - I’ll complete the customer survey, I did!
PERHAPS - I’ll write about them in my column, I am!

PERHAPS we can identify why this hotel did such a magnificent job. Leadership, leadership, leadership, training, training, training.  

PERHAPS - there are three ingredients to Extreme Customer Service - FLEXIBILITY - THE ABILITY TO FIND SOLUTIONS - AND THE WILLINGNESS TO GO THE EXTRA MILE, like Chris. 


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