Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Grow UR Biz - Regular

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of

“You can’t make up real life!”  Recently, I was at a high end hotel with premium restaurants and coffee shops.  Expectations are high, over the top customer service expected.  So, I’m an early bird and love good coffee, but it has to be decaf...can’t do regular anymore.  I’m first in line at the coffee shop which opens at 7:00am.  By 6:50am the line has grown and folks are getting antsy.  I hear, “What time is it, when does this place open, anyone have the time?”  I said, “It’s 6:55 and they open at 7:00am.”  7 o’clock came and went.  Now the crowd is restless.  All of a sudden an employee appears and instead of opening the door (7:05am) she starts moving signs around.  The gal in back of me says, “That’s right, move the signs before you open the doors.” But she didn’t hear her.  She approaches the crowd, doesn’t even look at us, bends down and puts her keys in the door and finally open the door.  The gal in back of me says, “Hello, Good Morning!”  The employee offers an anemic hello.  The best is yet to come.  I walk up to the guy taking the orders and he is bending down where only I could see him, sipping his coffee and hiding from the customers.  OMG, can you believe it?  So, my friend behind me says,“Who is taking our order?”  I tell her that he’s on the floor drinking his coffee before he waits on us. She is beyond appalled.  He pops up and says,”What do you want?”  What do I want?
I tell him I want a small decaf with room for cream.  He asks, “Do you want regular?”  I tell him that I want decaf.  He says,  “I know, do you want regular?”  I ask,  “What’s regular?” and he answers “It’s a latte.”   “Does it have caffeine?”  He says, “Depend.”  OMG, I’m so frustrated.  I’m thinking should have ordered water with no caffeine!.  “JUST CAN’T MAKE UP REAL LIFE”!  So, I move over to pick up my coffee and the sign mover is handing me the coffee, decaf not regular and still miserable.  Now I’m concerned that my coffee is regular, as a customer, I’m confused, disappointed and nervous that I have gotten regular coffee or, maybe I should say disappointed but not surprised!

Would you agree that this world is yearning for fantastic customer service?  I think so!

This advice is dedicated to the sign mover and the coffee sipper.

  1. Treat your customers like they are the only person in the world
  2. Take the time to greet your customers and, if you really want to go over the top, “SMILE”
  3. Don’t ever think that your coffee is more important than your customers coffee
  4. Moving signs is NOT IMPORTANT - Selling coffee is
  5. Just because your coffee tastes good doesn’t mean you can slack on customer service
  6. And last, but not least, if someone comes to your coffee shop and orders decaf it’s doesn’t mean regular.  

Just thinking...wonder what the owner was thinking when he or she hired these people!

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