Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lehigh, Bath, East Allen and Moore Chamber (LeBEAM): Letter from the President

Blog Post by Kristen Pittman, CyLutions

I am not sure if it is Old Man Winter or Mother Nature that is having the last laugh right now. Plans were in place, the people were registered, everyone was ready to go and then WHACK - almost 2 feet of snow on February 13.

Well, when something knocks you down you just pick yourself up and move forward. That is exactly what LeBeam is did. We rescheduled our Martini’s, Manicure and Massage to March 27 in conjunction with Final Thursday in Bath. The event was a huge success!

However, back to Mother Nature and Old Man Winter. Just when you were tired of hearing about the Polar Vortex and seeing the spike in your home heating costs, here is how the Winter of 2014 could have made you money: If you sell winter boats for humans and man’s best friend sales increased 40%; the snow removal companies have been busy; and ski resorts are welcoming the snow after years of so-so to no snow winters. PA liquor stores have seen a 55% increase in sales over this time last year, grocery and hardware stores are also seeing sales jump as consumers grab milk, bread and ice melt. Food delivery services have seen an increase in orders and tips; there has been a “strong increase” in calls for plumbers this winter from broken pipes; and hotel occupancy in Florida was up 5% over last year.

The glass is always half full somewhere! Keep thinking warm thoughts and summer will be here soon. Then we can complain about 90’s and high humidity; but just think how happy the ice cream stores, HVAC companies, movie theaters and bowling alleys will be.

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