Monday, May 5, 2014

Grow UR Biz - Clean Latrine

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of

I suspect that most of us prefer a clean bathroom when we visit a restaurant, grocery store or department store.  Just like the public is crying out loud for extreme customer service, I believe, we are crying even harder for clean facilities.  I visited a very well know store over the weekend and went to the restroom to wash my hands.  They had the handy dandy chart on the wall that said an employee was in there checking for cleanliness 1/2 hour ago, I’m saying she had to be a no show.  The sink was so soaked with water it looked like a child took a bath in the sinks.  Big blobs of soap all over the sink, paper towels all over the floor.  Now we might have a tendency to blame the customers for being sloppy but, at the end of the day, I’ve never seen anyone messing up a washroom, so they must be doing it when no one is looking.  

I have a dream, a “CLEAN LATRINE”!  A place that is clean, well kept, and, I’ll go a step further, have it as an example of the rest of your business.  

So the question is, do your customers expect your place to be clean?  As a customer, do we prefer to shop in a clean and neat place or are we okay with so so, sloppy, and unkempt?  I have noticed that unkempt places generally have unkempt owners.  

My guess is cleanliness counts.  Your customers are spenders and spenders judge everything you do just because they believe they have spender’s rights.

Carol’s Clean Latrine Top Ten Rules

  1. Start with your Latrine-  it says a lot about you, keep it sparkling clean and don’t mask it with perfumy chemicals.
  2. Take two hours a week to straighten things up
  3. Make sure your entrance is spotless
  4. Take extra time when the weather is bad, dry up those puddles
  5. Sanitize your telephone daily, nothing worse than using a dirty phone
  6. Keep one of those sanitizing dispensers at your entrance, it sends a clear message that clean is important to you
  7. Straighten sloppy piles, it’s an optical illusion and makes it look clean
  8. Open windows when possible, fresh air indicates clean
  9. Appoint a weekly “Clean Team” to monitor progress
  10. Set the example for your staff by going the extra clean mile

If your company culture is that your office looks as great as your service and your employees are dressed to the nines, keep in mind that your customer is not only judging you by your looks and service, they may just take a peek into your latrine and saying it’s clean doesn’t mean it is.  

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