Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Grow Ur Biz - Think & Act

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of

Seth Godin, a genius, and author of one of my favorite books, “The Purple Cow,”   states in a recent blog, “Don’t do what I said, Do what I meant.”  
Seth states:  “That's what most leaders, owners, bosses and customers want, isn't it?  We want employees to know the why, not just the details of the how. We want customer service people, partners and vendors who understand.”
It's in that moment, when we demand a refund, or fire someone, or insist on rules being followed to the letter—that's when it all falls apart and stops being a RELATIONSHIP based on understanding and turns into one that's built on compliance to the rules.
When I start a speech I always ask my audience to think and act. I invite them to take three ideas from my speech to improve, increase and enhance their performance at work. 
Again from Seth, “If you want the people you work with to act with understanding, then you must trust them to use their best judgment, even when that means you didn't get exactly what you said you wanted. The failure is yours, because you didn't help people understand the reasoning. When you accept responsibility for that failure, when you educate instead of demand, you can gain the benefits of working with people who understand, instead of merely comply.”
I chose to share his blog because it brings back memories of bosses who don’t get this.  A thinking employee who is trusted with a true perspective of what the employer wants can truly change your company culture.  Doesn’t every success and every failure fall in the arms of the leadership?  Isn’t it amazing to work with a boss who truly hands you the freedom to make decisions, even when you get it wrong once in a while.  All of this leads to the power of a relationship, so valued, yet sometimes overlooked.  
Strong relationships 
lead to everlasting loyalty, 
everlasting loyalty leads to an increase in productivity 
increase in productivity leads to increase in sales and revenue
If you are a boss, take this seriously.  If you are an employee, a boss who gets this will be the best boss you ever had.  One more thing, you may want to read the Purple Cow because “You're either a Purple Cow or you're not. You're either remarkable or invisible.” YOU MAKE THE CHOICE!

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