Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Grow ur Biz - Too Good to be True

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of

The weather is starting to break and my friend decided to take her kids to a playground to kick off the summer of 2014.  After hours of climbing and running and playing in the sandbox, they moved onto the neighborhood ice cream store.  “They have the most delicious chocolate banana sorbet I’ve ever tasted.”  They all ordered their favorite flavors and she headed to the cashier to pay for this traditional dessert.  Handing the woman her credit card and she was told, “I’m sorry, we don’t except credit cards.”  My friend said, “All I have is a $10 bill and our bill is $13.” The cashier said, “Not to worry, you can pay when you come back.”  She said, “Well, how about if I give you the $10 and owe you $3?”  The cashier said, “No, just enjoy your ice cream.  Look over here, I have a blackboard of the names of people who were not able to pay, I will put your first name on it and when you come back you can pay for your ice cream.”  This was way too good to be true.  So, she asked, “Do the people come back and pay the bill?” The cashier said, “Oh yes! They pay.”

Too Good to be True or a fantastic marketing strategy?  

Here’s what I see....

  1. great way to get you to come back
  2. ice cream is so good you want to come back
  3. you are so stunned by the generousity, you tell the world
  4. paying your bill becomes top on your priority list just because it’s the right thing to do
  5. the bonus is you get to eat ice cream again

Too Good to be True or a fantastic marketing strategy?  You decide!

Last week, it was my pleasure to speak to audiences who have to be on their toes with regard to customer service.  As always, prior to the speech I researched the topic of “ Customer Service” and here’s what I found. “Consumers are FED UP with bad customer service”.  Somedays I wonder how businesses get away with it.  Is it leadership, is it lack of the ability to honor your customers or is it that some employees just don’t care anymore?

In this case, no need to be FED UP,  just enjoy the ice cream!

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