Thursday, June 19, 2014

Growing UR Biz in 2014 -Start Today

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of

I had the pleasure this week of having dinner with a young lady who just graduated from high school and is on her way to Bloomsburg University in the fall. She was flying high, so excited about her new adventure, but what made her unique was that she wants to be in business. Yes, she is on her way to becoming an entrepreneur. She asked so many questions and that is an excellent start. So, let’s START TODAY!

Carol’s Top Ten Questions that Must be Answered before you start.

1. Do you have the marketing/promotion gene?

2. Do you love the idea of learning how to market your business?

3. Are you comfortable meeting people and attending networking events?

4. Have you written an executive summary which includes why people should buy from you and who your future clients will be?

5. Are you connected in the community?

6. Do you have a data base?

7. Have you researched the competition?

8. Do you have a plan to build your brand?

9. Do you have social media skills?

10. and number ten, the most important, ARE YOU A RISK-TAKER?

This is just the beginning. Then there’s employees, finances, cash-flow and more. The reason risk-taking is so, so important is that I don’t know any entrepreneurs who are mega successful who have not taken risk. It’s the only way to go from mediocre to mega.

Are you dreaming about being in your own business? Do you have a unique idea? Are you ready to make your dream a reality? If you can answer ‘YES’ to my top ten questions, you are READY!


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