Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Main Street Initiatives

Guest Blog Post by Jason Breidinger, Mortgage America

17 years ago I attended my first Chamber meeting. To this day I spend my volunteer time representing The Chamber on its Board of Directors and Executive Committee serving as a Past President. Rising through the ranks over such a period of time offers perspective.

Having met with those who develop and implement goals and objectives of The Chamber and those it serves both locally and regionally it is fair to say that goals are met and objectives are implemented, without fail. That means what The Chamber sets out to do gets done - everywhere.

7 years ago when the Chamber set the objective to be on ‘Every Main Street’ it didn’t mean it wanted to open storefront offices. The Chamber decided to personify the fact that behind every good community and its businesses is our good Chamber. In the Greater Northern Chamber’s region grants from the GLVCC were matched and expanded by local efforts providing the opportunity for us to build a one of a kind Trailhead, turn a vacant lot into a small park complete with a Gazebo pavers and benches, install welcome signs entering our towns, install decorations and banners on our towns’ light posts and even advertise major local events on a grand scale. All of these things have not only improved our Main Streets but attracted people in order that they can see what our areas have to offer.

In hindsight we say good work everyone... good work and we look forward having been empowered toward whats to come.

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