Monday, July 14, 2014

Grow Ur Biz 2014 - Lessons from the Eiffel Tower

Guest blog from Carol Ritter of

IF YOU READ GROW UR BIZ WEEKLY YOU KNOW I’M A BIG FAN OF SETH GODIN.  His daily blog is short, sweet and to the point and I almost always feel inspired and ready to go after reading him.  Today, he shared lessons from the Eiffel Tower, interesting, inspiring and certainly a point that is worth thinking about.  Here we go. 

Lessons from the Eiffel Tower
1. It was designed at home, on the kitchen table...
2. by someone who didn't get their name on it
  1. Never been done before, not guaranteed to get built or to work
  2. It was criticized by hundreds of leading intellectuals and cultural experts
5.  It wasn't supposed to last very long
6.  It's designed to be an icon, it's not an accident
7.  People flock to it because it's famous

What a wonderful bunch of lessons!  Here’s my take on it...
  1. Some of the greatest ideas are designed at the kitchen table
  2. Many people design or share ideas and NEVER get credit for it
  3. There is so much out there that has never been done before; it just   takes someone with the hutzpah to take a risk
  4. There’s always someone lurking around the corner ready to criticize you, sometimes are smarter, more experienced or maybe even famous, that should not stop you and your DREAMS
  5. It wasn’t supposed to last, who decided that?
  6. Most of our ideas are not accidents but intentional 
  7. People are flocking to Talbott Teas (Mr. Wonderful’s best deal on Shark Tank), Lollacup (Mark Cuban’s best deal on Shark Tank) Scrub Daddy (Lori Greiner’s best deal on Shark Tank) (I own one and love it) and the Painted Pretzel (Mark’s deal).  
Did you know -- You can download  5 Sales Lessons for ABC’s Shark Tank, a free e-book, if you feel like you might want to take that drawing on the back of a napkin and make it YOUR success.  

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