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What would be the worse thing professionally or personally to happen to your beloved computer? happened this week.  I walked in the house, sat down to work and it was dead, dead as a doornail.  For an unknown reason. I’m trying not to panic, I have a speech next week, it’s on the computer, I have over 100 emails to answer, they are on the computer, I have reports due, they are on the computer.  Ok, I’m panicking.  It’s time to jump in the car and drive to the Apple store.  The staff there can see the angst on my face.  She explains I need an appointment with the genius bar and the first one available is the next day at3:45pm.  I’m sinking into a minor depression.  Will they be able to fix it, when will I get it back, and the biggest issue of all, will I loose my data?  I went home after an hour of Apple employees holding my hand and telling me the options.  EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE!  As a matter of fact, I watched as another customer came in, clearly upset.  He drove a long way to find out he needed the genius bar appointment.  The staff member was so reassuring, so kind and so honest with him.  

I went back the next day and met with Terry.  He explained the psychology behind our attachment to our computers. I listened, totaling buying into what he was saying.  He gently explains what might be wrong, reassures me that the problem will be solved no matter what.  He attempted to solve it himself with no luck but identified what he thought was wrong.  He said the magic words, ‘we will get back to you in 48 hours no matter what and let you know how your computer is doing.’  I felt so reassured and was more than willing to leave my baby in the Apple hospital.

The call came 12 hours later, the baby made it through the surgery; it was a success and, the best news ever, I didn’t loose anything and it was under warranty.  

We could all take an EXTREME lesson from the Apple Store. When a customer CRASH occurs, jump inside the shoes of the customer, be kind, understanding, tell the truth and do what you said you would do and it will change the entire face of the situation.  It just makes sense!!  The lesson for today, BACK UP TODAY!

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