Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Time Marches On

Letter from the President
Chuck Weinmann, National Penn Bank
Allentown Chamber President

By the time you read this article, summer will be upon us and the winter that wouldn’t die will be a distant memory.

Allentown can be viewed in much the same way. Old structures are being replaced with new, high-end office buildings and creating a vibrant landscape. Feelings of despair are exchanged for positive thoughts of what will be with renewed hope and vigor for our great city. The only constant in life is change and the Allentown Chamber of Commerce embraces change.

Our friends and colleagues, Bob Buck, departs our board as Past President and Mike McCreary steps down as President of the Allentown Chamber. I would like to thank both of these fine gentlemen for their hard work and commitment to the Allentown Chamber and to the businesses of the City of Allentown. Their spirit and enthusiasm is contagious, and these virtues have inspired me, and the Board. And, with our steadfast support of important business issues here in Allentown, I am honored to have served with them.

We all owe you a big thank you to the Allentown Board of Directors - the business leaders of Allentown who work diligently in support of our goals and objectives. And, of course, we all would have a very difficult time navigating these waters without our great Chamber staff, Miriam Huertas, Liz Regan and Mitch Hanna, who help to make all we do at the Allentown Chamber possible.As we move into a new fiscal year and I take the helm as President, the Allentown Chamber will continue to serve our members with value, integrity and vision. We know the revitalization of Allentown will bring our business partners the prosperity for which they endeavor, and we look forward to the glory days of Allentown being in our bright future.

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