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Years ago, when I hired people, it was an interesting experience, sometimes.  I remember knowing within seconds if I would hire someone just because they had a negative demeanor or they were sharing their sob story.  Once, I was hiring an Executive Director for a statewide organization.  He came to the interview dressed to impress but there was something missing.  I asked him, “Why do you want to work here?”  His response was puzzling.  He said he wanted to work there so he could bring his children to work and learn how to be a better parent.  Noble, maybe, but not the right answer.  I knew right then and there he was not the right match for the job.  I thought he might say, “I would be an asset to you company or have a stellar record in fundraising, or I can increase your membership by 20% in the first year.”  NOPE, it was all about him.  Easy to identify if you look for it.  According to Jeff W., there are three qualities people most enjoy when working with colleagues,  They want someone....
  1. who dreams big
  2. who gets stuff done
  3. and knows how to have fun
I’m all in!  I might go one step further and say that these three attributes would also lead to a great team player.  So the lessons we learned as children haven’t changed.  In order to play nice in the sand box, it helps to be able to dream about building something unique, you gotta get it done in order to see your dream come true and it’s fun building it.  
Some advice when you want to GET HIRED - show your ability to play well in the sand box, let the interviewer know you will get it done and be sure to show your fun side.  If you don’t, you may miss your opportunity to build a SAND CASTLE! 
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