Friday, August 8, 2014

Grow UR Biz - To Fest or Not to Fest

To fest or not to fest.  This week is Musikfest. I’ve never missed one, ever, 31 years of fun, food, and,most of all, more music in one week than you could ever imagine, I try to go everyday.  When my children were young we would pack a cooler and literally stay all day 11am to 11pm.  Traveling from platz to platz, we looked at the value of exposing them to so many kinds of music.  This genius idea has changed how the Lehigh Valley is viewed and today millions of people travel from all over the country to experience Musikfest.  

Did you know that the festival has a clean team?  A close friend of mine used to be on it, they empty the trash, wipe the tables, and make every attempt to make the festival a great environment for you and your family. If you walk down the streets in Bethlehem early in the morning the streets are pristine after a night of music.  

How about your business? Do you pay any attention to cleanliness?  Many of your customers are watching.  Here are some things I’ve noticed over the years that aren’t so pristine.

Bathrooms - a mess or not clean
Employees with food on their clothes
Sloppy waiting room
Towels not washed in decades
Stagnant smell when you walk in 
Dead bugs in the window sills
Employees who look disheveled

And, my new all time favorite, a food handler with rubber gloves on texting on a dirty phone, there must be a law against that!  LOL - Keep cleanliness on the top of your list.  When customers knock on your door they do pay attention to the environment and might just say the next time, “I’d rather pay someone who cares takes the time an energy to care.”

The question - to fest or not to fest, there is still time left to enjoy the sweet smell of roasted almonds, the amazing taste of Aw Shucks corn, mango shrimp or maybe a front row seat at the best music in town.  If you go, make sure you thank the Street Clean Team for helping to keep the Lehigh Valley clean!

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